“He Showed the Knife from Inset Pocket and I Felt the Smell of Blood from Him”: Waitress’s Murder Case

“Davit phoned me during the incident, said that I must go and fetch him. I went. We went to the café together, we were sitting there. He told me about the incident and some details that he killed Mariam Hunanyan with a knife, showed the picture in his cell phone, then deleted it immediately and after it we came to an agreement that I will not inform the police.” Milena Mirijanyan who is witness of the murdered waitress’s case gave a testimony today, on June 19.

Today, in the Court of First Instance of General Jurisdiction of Ajapnyak and Davtashen districts (presiding Judge Tatevik Grigoryan) continued the trial on the case of the murder of waitress Mariam Hunanyan in which Davit Tamrazyan is accused.

The witness remembered the following episode: “Davit showed a knife from his inset pocket and I felt the smell of blood from him.” Then after this the witness went to the police department to testify.

She confessed at the court that at first she gave false testimony saying that she did not know anything about the case, and then she regretted. “If the crime has been committed he must take the responsibility, if she were my sister he would have to take the responsibility,” said the witness, moreover, it was found out during the interrogation that after learning about the crime she met the defendant’s parents the following days; the reason was that Davit and she were in close relations.

Today, Kromvel Grigoryan, defender of the injured party was questioning the accused. The witness said that the relations with Davit could even bring to marriage. She worked with the aggrieved Mariam Hunanyan only three days in the same café but she did not communicate with her because of the shifts. The lawyer recorded the circumstance that the witness remembered how long she was working with Mariam but when there was a question about how long she was working she hesitated to give a certain answer about the period.

The witness also told that she met Mariam at a bistro, she was alone that day when Mariam and the defendant came to her: “Davit introduced me as his wife then Mariam and I started to argue. She offended me first because of jealousy, I suppose. Then I offended her and we started to brawl,” said Milena. While speaking about Davit, the lawyer was interested if the defendant told the witness that he is a member of a religious organization, Milena Mirinjanyan answered. “He told her some cases that he is a member of a grouping which is against Christianity. They are Satanists” said the witness.


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