At Least half of the Members of the Anti-Corruption Council should be Prominent and Respected Individuals: NGO Representative

Ashot Melikyan, President of “Committee to Protect Freedom of Speech” NGO does not have great expectation s about effective operation of the Government created Anti-Corruption Council.

According to him it is difficult to imagine how the members of the committee, about which the public and the press are speaking so much indicating that they are soaked in that vice, would fight against the corruption. “I believe that for the effective fight against corruption there should be a resolute will of the governing elite, which we do not see, as well as active participation of the society,” Ashot Մelikyan said in the interview with

Secondly, Ashot Melikyan says that is not acceptable to allocate only two places to the civil society in the Council. Thus, only 2 representatives of the civil society will participate in the Council.

“I think that at least half of the members of the Anti-Corruption Council should be prominent and respected individuals, will really advance the public needs and realize expectations,” he said.