AYLA shall not participate in the Competition for the Anti-Corruption Council: Karen Zadoyan

The Armenian Young Lawyers Association NGO is one of the founding members of The CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition, is currently carrying out the authorities of the secretariat of the Anti-Corruption Coalition and has an important role in the alliance, will refrain from nomination to participate in the competition for the Anti-Corruption Council.

Mr. Karen Zadoyan, President of the Armenian Young Lawyers Association said this in the interview with Iravaban.net. “However as it is mentioned in the statement of the Coalition, we shall continue our active role in the combating corruption; participate in the monitoring activities of the anti-corruption strategy, the result of which will be presented to the public at large,” Mr. Zadoyan said.

He also noted that the Anti-Corruption Coalition has already started implementing its monitoring activities, taking into account the fact that yesterday the small grants were provided to 5 NGOs. “These grants will observe and make public the monitoring results of various areas of government programs, as well as the Anti-Corruption Strategy, the results of the monitoring activities of the anti-corruption strategy and the activities of the anti-corruption council,” said the AYLA President. So at this stage the AYLA will to use the levers of social control in Yerevan and in the RA marzes.

However, the AYLA highlights the importance of effective cooperation with state authorities, “The fight against corruption is possible when the efforts of the state bodies and the society in the face of the non-governmental organizations are unified,” Mr. Karen Zadoyan, the President of the AYLA said.