The “Public Network” joined the Statement of Anti-Corruption Coalition of CSOs

Today, the “Public Network” which includes around 150 non-governmental organizations joined to the Statement of the Anti-Corruption Coalition of the Civil Society Organizations. About 70 percents of the network members are NGOs from the RA marzes.

On 10 April, around two dozens of organizations met in the session hall of the board member “Right Protection Mediator’s Office” NGO. The participants discussed the Statement of CSOs Anti-Corruption Coalition. Prior to this meeting, the other member NGOs of the Network had informed the executive body that they would support the joint decision of today’s participants of the discussion. As a result of the discussion the participants decided to join the Statement and presented their recommendations regarding the activities of the Government.

Joining the statement of the Anti-Corruption Coalition, the members of “Public Network” stressed the fact that the Anti-Corruption Council could not work efficiently having only two NGO members.

Mr. Marat Atovmyan, Member of the AYLA Board, and the local expert of “Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion” project was invited to today’s session of the “Public Network” as well. He presented the statement of the Coalition, the international obligations on anti-corruption struggle that Armenia had undertaken and answered to the issues of concern of the participants.

The Anti-Corruption Coalition of the Civil Society Organizations was established on the initiative of the Armenian Young Lawyers Association and Freedom of Information Center of Armenia on 28 November 2014. Around 70 NGOs from Yerevan and the RA marzes are member of the Coalition.