In the Recent Years Corruption has not decreased, but just on the Contrary, it has increased: Haykuhi Harutyunyan

“One of the reasons of the corruption occurrence is the fact that we lack clear mechanisms for fight against the corruption,” Haykuhi Harutyunyan, President of “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO said in the interview with She believes that the absence of clear mechanisms contributes to the fact that many violations remain undiscovered, and as a result are not prevented, and the perpetrators are not punished.

In addition, according to the NGO leader, corruption increases due to the fact that the Government always relies on outside funding and does not carry out the fight against corruption completely. “Corruption should be combated from inside rather than from outside,” our interlocutor said.

Ms. Harutyunyan reminded that activities were carried out in the direction of this ant-corruption strategy. She emphasized the importance of this document, considering it necessary. The NGO President also stressed that fight against corruption should be carried out in all spheres of the executive power, especially in the judicial system.

Ms Harutyunyan also informed that changes in the level of corruption compared with the previous year were recorded and it was expanded. “Communication with different bodies proves that corruption in the recent period has not decreased, but just on the contrary, it has increased,” she said.

Yelena Aramyan