Winners of the Competition for ECHR Judge are known

Shortly before the Ministry of Justice publicized the names of three candidates who won in the announced contest for the vacant position of the Armenian judge at ECHR. The statement reads:

“The staff of the Competition Commission (hereafter Commission) conducting the selection of the candidates to the position of the RA Judge at ECHR, governed by the order of the Competition Commission implementing selection of candidates for Armenia`s judge at the European Court of Human Rights and the order of the candidates selection approved by the RA Presidents decree NH-199-N of 2 August 2014 and based on the results of the Committee meeting of 2 March 2015, states that the following persons were included in the list of the winners of the competition of candidates to the RA Judge at ECHR that will be submitted to the RA President: Armen Harutyunyan, Arayik Ghazaryan and Liana Hakobyan.

Armen Harutyunyan, Arayik Ghazaryan and Nelik Harutyunyan were the winners of the first competition.