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“Ashot Arushanyan is innocent.” Open letter to President Serzh Sargsyan

As we have informed  the members of Arushanyans family had stopped the hunger strike in fornt of the Presidential Residence. Prior to it they had applied with an open letter to the President. Today, they they have issued a letter again, which reads:

“Dear Mr. President,

We,  Ashot Arushanyan’s reliatives were on a hunger strike in front of the Presidential Palace for fourteen-day, hoping that you will accept us and listen our just demands.

On 31 January, near the “Lovers’ Park” you answered to Anahit Arushanyan’s request saying that you will accept us after the decision of the Cassation Court. You also mentioned that all court instances consider and say “no”.

We have repeatedly noted that Ashot Aroushanyan was sentenced for an act which he had not done.

The court judgment in Ashot Arushanyan’s case was based on hypothesis and not the evidence, whereas the law clearly prohibits hypothesis based conviction of a person. This judgment was based on breach of the law, beatings, torture, psychological pressure, the evidence obtained in violation of the rights of defense. In addition the sentence was based on edited videos.

Mr. President, in case if you will accept us after the decision of the Cassation Court, our demand to achieve justice will be senseless. It is well known that the Court of Cassation, the last remedy, which also have contemplative approach to the admissibility of complaints. In case of the unfavorable decision of the Court of Cassation, we have to look for justice at the European Court of Justice, and applying to the latter is not so desirable. However we shall not have any other option, because Asot Arushanyan is innocent.

Mr. President, our health condition which is deteriorating day by day does not allow continuing the hunger strike. In the night on 2 to 3 February, Anahit Arushanyan’s health condition deteriorated and she was taken to the hospital.

However, we cannot stop our struggle for justice and starting from yesterday we continued our struggle in the form of a sit-in strike. We shall go on a hunger strike as soon as our helth condition allows it again.

Mr. President, you emphasizes that the courts have said no, but our request is to assign an INDEPENDENT lawyer to examine this case. The evidences we have obtained are completely sufficient to prove the innocence of Ashot Arushanyan.


People gone on a hunger strike in defense of innocent convict Ashot Arushanyan.”


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