How Much Income has the newly appointed Deputy Prosecutor General of the RA declared

Deputy Prosecutor General of the RA Armen Harutyunyan held the position from 13 January 2015.

According to the declaration on property and income, which he submitted to the Ethical Committees for High-Ranking Officials at the moment of assuming the post, Armen Harutyunyan had declared 2 apartments in multi-unit residential building designed for individuals, 3 land plots, 1 private house, as well as а nonresidential premise in a block house. In addition, the official has declared cash assets amounting to 56,750,000 AMD.

Armen Harutyunyan’s income totaled to 11,464,174 AMD of which 6,064,174 AMD was accumulated from remuneration for labor and/or other wages. 5,400,000 AMD was received from rent and other compensations.

As affiliated persons Armen Harutyunyan`s wife Arusyak Yarmaloyan and daughter Lusine Harutyunyan are presented, who nevertheless did not present a declaration according to the information provided by the Ethics Commission of High-Ranking Officials.