During Gevorg Danielyan’s administration the Chair of Constitutional Law of the YSU worked actively: Arthur Ghambaryan

Doctor of Laws Arthur Ghambaryan wrote in his Facebook page:

I learned about the selection process of the Head of Chair of Constitutional Law of the YSU. As an outside observer I would like note that when Gevorg Danielyan administered the Chair of Constitutional Law of the YSU, the chair was working actively and had visible achievements in elaboration of educational materials (manual on the RA Administrative Law, Manual on Administrative Procedure and Litigation etc.). The chair was also involved in lawmaking activities (Elaboration of the Draft Law on Administrative Violations), and actively cooperated with the international organizations in Armenia. The Chair will have success only in case if it is led by an expert who has valuable respect among the law community and is a good administrator. I believe Mr. Danielyan will continue the work that he started.


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