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The Verdict on the Case of the Theft in the Amount of 56 mln AMD will be announced by the Court of Appeals

The verdict on the Appeal on the case of Edgar Karakeshishyan and Ashot Arushanyan who were found guilty for a theft of 56 mln 400.000 AMD by the first instance court, will be announced tomorrow.

Today, on 27 November the Criminal Court of Appeals finished the stage of judicial argumentation. Defendant Ashot Arushanyan`s attorney Liparit Simonyan continued the defense speech. He referred to the violations, as he said, of the preliminary investigative body accentuating the fact that the investigator forcefully extorted testimonies from Artashes Galustyan who was involved in the case as accused and committed suicide.

The lawyer also referred to the acceptability of evidence presented by the defense, Mr. Simonyan particularly highlighted the fact of the audio-video recordings being edited. In his defense speech the lawyer requested to overturn the decision of the first instance court, justifying it with the argument that no evidence has been attained on the case which will prove that Ashot Arushanyan contributed to the theft. Defendant Ashot Arushanyan did not recognize himself guilty and asked to make a decision on his justification.

The accusing party stated that the decision of the first instance court cannot be overturned. “The verdict of the First Instance Court is entirely justified, all the evidence has been analysed and estimated, the verdict should stay unchanged, and the claims of the defendant should be subject to be rejected”, said the prosecutor.

Edgar Karakeshishyan`s lawyer Rafik Safaryan in his defense speech requested to recognize his defendant innocent. He also accused the court. “You don`t want to abide by the rules, norms and laws of this country”.

The presiding judge Karine Ghazaryan listened to the speeches, stated that the court was moving to the consultations room to make a judicial verdict, which will be announced tomorrow.


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