Relatives of the Former Head of the Prison Department of the Ministry of Justice Samvel Hovhannisyan Demand Justice

The relatives of Samvel Hovhannisyan, former head of the Prison Department of the Ministry of Justice, think that there are people interested in keeping him behind the jars, probably among them there`s also an official. Samvel Hovhannisyan was convicted to 12-year imprisonment by the First Instance Court for a counterfeit of especially large amounts and for organizing the preparation of an ordered murder in the interests of a group of people. The relatives of Samvel Hovhannisyan do not accept the accusations against him and intend to take the case to the ECHR, as they informed to

“If you read the verdict you`ll understand that the judge was forced to read it, as the judge could not recognize as unaccepted the evidence of illegal recordings, and then put the latters as a basis of the verdict”, said one of Samvel Hovhannisyan`s relatives (did not want to be introduced).

The Defendant addressed a letter to the RA President requesting to take the case under his control.

And so the accusations have been presented on the notice to the National Security Service adjunct to the RA Government by Robert Tonoyan, who had been previously convicted twice..

According to the court Samvel Hovhannisyan`s crime has been proven and his unjustified and contradictory arguments have been denied by the testimonies of the victims of the case Jamal Sloyan, Robert Tonoyan and other witnesses, and for the episodes of counterfait of particularly large amounts Samvel Hovhannisyan`s crimes have been justified by the testimonies of victims and witnesses.

The court, reviewing the evidence of the judicial investigation in their combination found Samvel Hovhannisyan`s actions as criminal acts.

According to Samvel Hovhannisyan`s relatives, judge Armen Khachatryan made an objective inquest, but it is obvious from the verdict that he was forced to write such a verdict. They plan to apply to the Council of Justice to subject the judge to disciplinary proceedings.

The case of the Former Head of Prison Department of the Ministry of Justice Samvel Hovhannisyan is at the Criminal Court of Appeals now.

The Appealing person requested from the Court to recognize Samvel Hovhannisyan innocent and free him from the hall of court sittings, or return the case to the Court of First Instance to have the inquest with a new composition, or in case the defendant`s guilt is proven, set a milder punishment for him than the one currently set, and if possible to conditionally not apply the punishment.

You can find the additional details in the Armenian version.

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