The Facebook Account of the Advocate was Hacked. He will Report on the Crime

Advocate Norayr Norkiyan wrote on his Facebook page:

“When in Spring 2013 hackers broke my Facebook page, I thought that I was just another victim to satisfy their gratification, thus I refused to in any way sleuth the possible hackers.

On 9 November of this year my account was again broken, and many mails with vulgar content have been sent to my close people and relatives.

I ask for the forgiveness of my friends who have been addressed similar letters. I am sure that my friends do not doubt that I could be the author of those.

I believe this is a serious threat for each of us which can have grave consequence…

Despite this, I intend to try to find within law those to be accused of this crime to have them kept liable for the crimes specified in the 24th Chapter of the RA Criminal code.

For this I will present a report on the crime to the RA Police, though this post can also be considered a report on crime”.


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