The court sitting of the former head of the Ministry of Justice Detention Department continued

Today the court of Cassation resumed the examination of the case on the former head of the Ministry of Justice Detention Department Samvel Hovhannisyan. He was convicted to 12-year imprisonment by the court of first instance for especially large amounts of fraud and ordered murder preparations.

Samvel Hovhannisyan`s defender Gevorg Melikyan came up with some interventions. He made amendments to the September 4 petition requesting to recognize as unaccepted the evidence on CD based on phone call recordings. The advocate stated that those phone calls have been falsefully referred to his defendant, as there are records of some calls on CD that have been made during Samvel Hovhannisyan`s imprisonment. The discussion of this intervention was postponed by the court.

The defender also stated that the defendant has certain illnesses and is in need of constant medical treatment. So the advocate asked for a new medical examination to find out what illnesses Samvel Hovhannisyan had, and whether his health conditions allow him stay under detention.

Today`s court sitting was postponed because of the busy schedule of the court.

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