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This case is “tailored” on us. Defendant Aram Mughalyan

How can you judge 4 people on 4 episodes based on the evidence of 1 person? And in 3 episodes no witness saw any face, there`s no evidence. This was stated by the Cambridge graduate Aram Mughalyan during today`s sitting of the Court of appeals.

“There`s one videotape, and the expert says that neither the car numbers, nor the people are visible there, it is uncertain what kind of car it is”.

Aram Mughalyan also said that the Prosecutor`s office tried to “tailor” the charges of unrevealed case of the victim`s brother`s hayrick burning on them as well.

At today`s sitting the defendant`s lawyer presented evidence on the unlawfulness of the court ruling and requested to overturn the decision and make a decision on excuse.

Robert Piloyan`s lawyer Eduard Aghajanyan also presented an appeal to the court.

Defendant Gagik Arakelyan`s lawyer Gayane Lyudvigyan requested to overturn the decision of the court of first instance and make a decision on excuse.

“I have been imprisoned for half a year, being innocent and not knowing what for. Now I am in a bad psychological condition”, said Gagik Arakelyan.

The judges were interested in whether Gagik Arakelyan was a registered employee for the Piloyans, and he said that even he wasn`t registered, he was being regularly payed a salary every month.

Cambridge Graduates Aram Mughalyan, Robert Piloyan, Gagik Arakelyan are accused of attempting to destroy Siaband Khudoyan`s hayrick in the village of Norapat in Armavir region, and of hooliganism. and Arthur Qlyan is charged only based on the hooliganism articles. The defendants do not accept their blame and request the Court of Appeals to make a decision on excuse.

Aram Mughalyan and Robert Piloyan are sentenced to 2,6 months of imprisonment by the Court of First instance in the Region of Armavir, but the Court freed them from the Court hall by an amnesty. Gagik Arakelyan and Arthur Qlyan are sentences to 1 year and 1 month of imprisonment, but they were also freed from the court hall based on an amnesty.

 Nune Hovsepyan


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