Often the citizens try to give Bribe to Authorities to solve the problem in a short Period. Anti-Corruption Training

Just relying on the authorities in fight against corruption is incorrect. In fight against it the society should be proactive and intolerant, however very often the citizens themselves try to bribe the officials in order to quickly solve their problems.
“Many people prefer the easy way to the difficult legal way and this easy way, in many cases is full of corruption risks,” said Karen Zadoyan President of the Armenian Young Lawyers Association, “Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion” Project Manager.
A three-day Anti-Corruption training is organized in Gavar for the CSOs and Media organizations of Gegharkunik and Kotayk marzes in the framework of the European Union funded “Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion” project.
“Yes, today corruption has entered entire Armenia with whole strength,” mentioned Siranush Manukyan, President of “Barekamutyun” Women’s Council of National Minorities.
The fight against corruption should be carried out jointly. The training participants’ were unanimous on this issue.
The schedule of the three-day training includes principles of good governance, information about the notion of corruption, history of its development and reasons for its occurrences, etc. The participants got acquainted to the notion of ant-corruption public monitoring, methodology and international practice. The aspects and issues of the RA Government Program, Strategic Program of the RA Legal and Judicial Reforms 2012-2016, international experience and mechanisms of creating anti-corruption coalitions were discussed. The themes covering mechanisms and sources to receive information, and the rule and specifics of implementing journalistic investigation were included as well.

“It is a question, whether the state fights against corruption or we want to fight against corruption. The fight is weak,” said Anahit Shahnazaryan, President of “Gavar Business Center” NGO.

“I attach much importance to the political will in this issue, but it is also important that people must be demanding. Today’s tolerance of the society is the result of unawareness as well,” said Satenik Badeyan, President of “Regional Development and Research Center” NGO.

“The citizens’ resistance is one of the factors to achieve success in fight against corruption, and of course their consistency,” Mariam Sargsyan, President of “Bari Huys” (Good Hope) social support in health protection of children with special needs” NGO.

CSO and Media Organizations, who have completed the training successfully, will have opportunity to participate in the tender for small grants to undertake monitoring, watchdog activities and journalistic investigations.

You can see the list of CSOs and the media participants of the Anti-Corruption Training here.