How the Murder was committed according to the Prejudicial Inquiry Testimony

The Court investigation on the case of Davit Tamrazyan, who is accused for the murder of the waitress Mariam Hunanyan, continued in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Ajapnyak and Davitashen Administrative Districts of Yerevan.

At the beginning of the session the defendant’s attorney Kromvel Grigoryan informed the court that he did not receive some CDs on the judiciary inquiry, as well as the CDs with transcripts of the telephone conversations.

In response, Judge Davit Balasanyan said that the court had not investigated them as well and the CDs will be provided after the court had investigated them. After that the court began examining the video records of the testimony provided by Davit Tamrazyan during the prejudicial inquiry.

At the prejudicial inquiry the defendant had admitted his guilt and mentioned that he had murdered Mariam Hunanyan. “I told her to close her eyes as I had a surprise for her. She closed her eyes, I took out the kitchen knife that I had with me and cut hear throat. Then I put the knife into my pocket and went to the kitchen. There I washed and cleaned my hands with the towel, then I took another towel and cleaned the fingerprints from the door.”

Due to technical problems the other evidences were not examined.

The next court sitting was set on 26 May.

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