Nerses Yeritsyan, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Armenia, has accumulated a Considerable Property: “Zhoghovurd” Daily

Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Armenia, Nerses Yeritsyan, member of RPA, who was a former Minister of Economy of the RA, and a day before was protecting the system of compulsory accumulative pension fund in the Constitutional Court of the RA has accumulated a considerable property during his years at the office, informs “Zhoghovurd0” Daily.

According to the declaration submitted to the Ethical Committees for High-Ranking Officials, Yeritsyan had received as a present a souvenir coin with nomination of 185.000 AMD and in addition to the salary the interest of 193.600 AMD per month from the bank deposit.

During the period of 1 year the Minister’s income grew by 8.6 million AMD. At the beginning of the year he had 4.3 million AMD which at the end of the year totaled to 12.950.000 AMD.

Continuation in today’s issue of the newspaper.


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