Compulsory Accumulative Pension System is an honest and logical solution. Governor of Vayots Dzor

I have been following the discussions on the reforms in the pension field and the system of involving the component of compulsory accumulative pension for a long time. My curiosity has many reasons but the fact that I am a high ranking official is not the most important circumstance. I am the RA citizen who was born at 1975, hence the information about my income and property during my years at the office is not a secret and can be available for the public.

Recently I received my salary for January 2014 which was around 12000 AMD less than it was last month. It is clear for me that it is the amount charged for the Compulsory accumulative pension system.

Summarizing, I would like to apply to all the citizens of the RA who were born before 1974. Dear peers and young friends, while the best sons of the nation are standing on the border and sacrifice their lives for us and for our children at least we should take care about our secured pension years. The Compulsory accumulative pension system is the most effective, honest and logical solution that any leading country has ever found. From the Facebook page of the RA Governor of Vayots Dzor, Edgar Ghazaryan.

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