“Your Mother must feel the same Pain that I feel.” “Zhamanak” Daily

Yesterday the court hearing on Lyux Stepanyan’s case under the presidency of judge Zoya Zakaryan took place in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Tavush marz.

According to “Zhamanak Daily” the injured Hrachya Sargsyan again failed to attend the court hearing. The court was informed that he did not underwent surgery and continues the treatment in bed at home: he is unable to move without assistance, and he cannot be present at court. The victim’s father, Vaghinak Sargsyan, had informed the filing clerk that they had no claim to the defendant.

The same source also informs that Lyux Stepanyan’s mother was crying during the whole court hearing. She periodically turned to Davit saying, “Your mother must feel the same pain that I feel.”

The complete article in today’s issue of the daily.


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