“Today’s laws are not for an Armenian …” Azat Gasparyan

The Armenian nation strove for independence in order to have laws for Armenians. Today’s laws are not for Armenians because they are adopted by illegal people. Artist Azat Gasparyan mentioned during the conference dedicated to the International Day of Culture. “The laws are not adopted for the benefit of mother in laws and the benefit of sons”, said the artist.
The author of the statue of “Karabala”, Levon Toqmajyan complained about the displacement of the statue. He said that no one had asked for his opinion. “The owner of one of the restaurants said to put the statue near his restaurant. That is not right, there must be state control to protect such kind of statues”, mentioned Levon Toqmajyan, adding that this is the same as, for example to take out someone’s son without parents’ permission.
According to Levon Toqmajyan, the statue of “Karabala” was a state order and there was a decision that the statue would be in Abovyan Street. But now even the authorities are not aware about the displacement.
During the conversation with Iravaban.net the author of the statue specified Point 8 of the RA Article on “Historical and cultural immovable monuments and the protection and use of historical environment”, where it is clearly said that in the field of protection and usage of monuments, it is under the authority of the RA to permit the changes and displacements of monuments of national significance. “Do you know, did people know about this when displacing the monument? (shows the law-N.H.)”, said Levon Toqmajyan.
Nune Hovsepyan

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