Armenian Journalist Attacked by Muslim

Journalist of “Mayak” radio station Sergey Aslanyan said during the investigation that before the attack the criminal cried “You are Allah’s enemy”.
46 year-old Sergey Aslanyan confirmed that the reason of attack was the insulting phrase, which he had said during live broadcast on 14 May.
The journalist of Life News managed to talk to Aslanyan immediately after the investigation.
According to Sergey the criminal was alone.
Aslanyan tried to interdict the ecclesiastic but the latter knifed continuously and then left.
“I didn’t lose my consciousness and called ambulance myself”, said Sergey. Everything occurred in 5 minutes.
Doctors took Sergey to the hospital who had gone to his house all in blood.
Sergey was sure that he was revenged for his phrase since it was insulting for some people.
Sergey’s relatives and wife think that Sergey should have made an excused for his words after the broadcast.

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