Human Rights Defender suggests Chief of Police to jointly develop Strict Standards, which will prevent Violations of Human Rights and Public Order during Free Assemblies

Positively assessing current settings of RA law on “Freedom of Assembly”, however, there are still some concerns relating to the application of legislation. Problems raised during the assembly in Mashtots Park, complaints declared by a hunger striker in front of the Central Electoral Commission witness that the rights and responsibilities of Police officers, assembly organizers and participants are still in need of clarification.
Today Human Rights Defender Karen Andreasyan sent a note concerning the right to freedom of assembly to RA Chief of Police Genereal-Lieutenant Vladimir Gasparyan presenting his legal positions about the controversial issues. With the aim to make the implementation of the corresponding legislation predictable both for assembly organizers and participants, the Ombudsman suggested the Chief of Police to discuss all the controversial issues, as well as jointly develop and publicize strict standards, which will create legal opportunity to avoid further unwelcome incidents and human rights violation during future gatherings. The Human Rights Defender’s Office informs.

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