Two-day seminar in Gyumri on European Convention on Human Rights

On May 4-5, seminar on European Convention on Human Rights was held in Gyumri. Two-day seminar was organized by German fund for international cooperation, Armenian Young lawyers Association and Gyumri AAC.

International legal expert Dr. Otto Mallmann, former Presiding Judge at the Federal Administrative Court and Co-Judge at the European Court of Human Rights, spoke on the European Court on Human Rights and its structure.
During the seminar, participants discussed types of cases referred to the court and its importance for national European courts.
“Taking into consideration that ECHR implements law-making activity, creating precedents, such seminar is very important for our lawyers and attorneys. In order to utilize the legal precedents and properly defend human rights of citizens, it is important to employ leading and professional specialists of the field,” – Syuzanna Soghomonyan, AACs network Coordinator/Senior legal advisor said.

The seminar was attended by Shirak AAC and Shirak lawyers and attorneys.

At the end of the seminar, participants received participation certificates.

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