Comprehensive information in electoral disputes

According to the RA Judicial Code and adoption of the Administrative court legislation of January 1, 2008, overwhelming majority of electoral disputes were assigned to specialized courts, i.e. RA Administrative Court.

Irregularities with voters’ lists and amendments to the voters’ lists were assigned to court of first instance, as before, considering their quick nature and passive voting right implementation.

With consideration of the above mentioned, we present a brief overview of applications to court with regards to May 6, 2012 National Assembly elections.

Thus, during May 6, 2012 elections the number of reports on violations in organization and voting rights, as well as voters’ lists irregularities were 37.

At the same time, of the applications some 17 were filed to the Administrative court by 20:00, 06.05.2012, out of which 8 were rejected, 3 were returned and 6 were admitted for review and rulings were made.

The remaining 20 applications were received court of first instance.

Through May 2-5, 2012, RA courts of first instance received 4 applications about including voter’s in additional lists. At the same time, 3 of them were received by Lori court of first instance and 2 were satisfied and 1 was returned based on the demand of the applicant.

The other application was received by Yerevan Kentron and Nork-Marash district court, where it was returned.

On May 6, 20:00, 16 applications were received, out of which 3 were rejected, 13 were admitted for proceeding. Out of 13 applications 6 were rejected, 7 were satisfied, so respective citizens were added to additional voters’ lists.

This has been reported from the media office of the RA Judicial Department. 

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