Armenian Subdivisions did not fire any Firearms. Artsrun Hovannisyan

Press Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovannisyan touched upon the information disseminated by the Azerbaijani media, providing new details, he wrote: “Yesterday evening, Azeri media spread disinformation about allegedly opening fire by the Armenian units in the direction of Garalar village of Azerbaijan, injuring a 13-year old child. We definitely deny this misinformation and warn the Azeri military-political leadership that any provocation will not remain unanswered, and that Azerbaijan will take all the responsibility.

During yesterday’s evening and night it was calm on the boarders; the Armenian units have not generally fired any kind of firearms. Furthermore, the extortion of the Azerbaijani propaganda is revealed though the photos of the wounded child, where it is evident that the wounds are clearly old and do not have any connection with fragmented traumas.”

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