The Government has approved the Draft Anti-Smoking Strategy

Today, the Government approved the Draft Anti-Smoking Strategy.

Speaker, the RA Minister of Health Levon Altunyan presented the Draft.

“Our objective is to take measures to reduce tobacco consumption and use. Preserve the health of the population by protecting them from the secondary effects of tobacco smoke. Reduce the incidence of non-communicable diseases,” Mr. L Altunyan said.

In particular, the strategy foresaw a number of works aimed at combating smoking: regulation of the existing legislative framework, which will be harmonized with international experience; expansion of cigarette use restrictions in public places; definition of control bodies and mechanisms; setting up smoking provisions in closed workplaces; determining the peculiarities of circulation of e-cigarettes; establishing mechanisms for the regulation of secondary smoke of the cigarettes; ban of advertising, etc.

Work aimed at raising awareness will be carried out to among teenagers, the Armenian Armed Forces and other structures involving youth.

The activities will be held in 2017-2020.

“Smoke less,” Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan joked.

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