“It did not look like Suicide at all”: Witness of Cadet’s Murder tells what happened on that day

“I was afraid to wake the other soldiers, I was afraid to do anything, thinking that the same will happen with me,” the soldier who was in the same bedroom on the day of the cadet Haykaz Barseghyan’s murder.

Soldier Karen B., another victim in the case of was questioned at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Avan and Nor Nork Administrative districts of Yerevan City (presiding judge Davit Harutyunyan). He is a defendant in another case as well, so the judge explained that he can refrain from giving evidences in this regard. Nut Karen did not object, he said he was ready to testify and to present what he saw and heard.

On the day of the incident, 29 January 2015, he saw less but he had heard a lot. The victim said that the relationship between him and Haykaz Barseghyan were tense, but were settled on that day.

At night he was in another corner of the bedroom, and Haykaz was in the end of the room. He woke up from Haykaz’s exclamation, and raised his head. “Then I saw Gnel (meaning the defendant Gnel Tevosyan) made an abrupt movement, raised his hand and lowered. At that time Haykaz got up vomited and again lay down,” said the victim.

According to him this lasted no longer than 10-15 seconds, after which he lay down covered his head with the blanked and pretended sleeping, but he heard what was happening in the bedroom.

“I only heard the sounds of blows, insults to Haykaz., he was trying to speak but could not, because they closes his mouth,” Karen said and added that at that moment it seemed to him that it was a serious fight, and later realized that the murder took place. The defense asked why he did not intervene, knowing that violence was used against Haykaz. The victim said that the accused were drunk that day and could do the same with him.

After that Gnel and Norik (defendant, Norik Sahakyan) took Haykaz out of the room. The victim said that after that Gnel returned into the room and threatened everybody. “He entered the bedroom, turned on the light and said that if anyone would tell anything about this incident, I shall find, or someone else shall find you and then he swore.” The victim did not hear any cadet speaking after Gnel left, they all slept.

“In the morning we got up, I see Haykaz’s cupboard door open, I closed it, and I thought that all that happened was at dream. We thought that Haykaz was in his bed, but we saw that he was not there. The bed was all in blood. Then we all went down. We heard voices from the yard saying telling not to come if one is afraid. But I went there and saw Haykaz Barseghyan’s body hanging on the horizontal bar. It did not look like suicide at all, because I believe that if a person committed suicide, his feet would not have touched the ground,” the cadet said.

Notably, in addition to Gnel and Norik, Vache Sahakyan and Movses Azaryan are charged as well. Those four are accused of the fact that on 29 January 2015, at 02: 00 to 03: 00 pm, they with particular cruelty and on hooliganism motives killed the cadet Haykaz Barseghyan,



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