Mkhitar Gosh’s Testaments are topical until now: the Opening Ceremony of the Monument of Prominent Armenian Legislator took place

The opening ceremony of the monument to Mkhitar Gosh took place on 31 May in the yard of the administrative building of the RA Chamber of Advocates.

The author of the bust of the Priest of early medieval is the well known sculptor, master of sculptural compositions Ghukas Chubaryan (Chubar) (16.06.1923 – 23.03.2009).

The monument is a gift from the honored doctors, philanthropists Karlen and Sara Yesayan’s family to the RA Chamber of Advocates.

The Vicar of the Ararat Patriarchal Diocese Archbishop Navasard Kchoyan opened the ceremony with a prayer.

Mr. Ara Zohrabyan, Chairman of the Chamber of Advocates of Armenia delivered an opening speech. He said that the contribution of the Grand Priest is invaluable for the regulation of spiritual and temporal life in Armenia. It was a novice approach which suggested new moral and modern courageous solutions that were unknown to the medieval world and are applicable until our days. Speaking about Gosh’s philosophy and works, Ara Zohrabyan stressed that Gosh’s philosophy has built to shape a prudent Armenian having a high sense of legal identity. The strict laws of his Datastanagirk’ codex aimed at keeping free from guilt. Zohrabyan drew the attention of participants to the fact that in the 12th century when Europe was involved in Crusades wars Mkhitar Gosh was working in one of the remote monasteries in Armenia and offered an interesting model for law-abiding citizens…

The RA Minister of Justice Arpine Hovhanisyan, the RA Ombudsman Arman tatoyan, Author of the book about Mkhitar Gosh Garnik Safaryan, writer and public figure Zori Balayan participated in the opening ceremony as well. Illustration of one of Mkhitar Gosh’s fables was staged by the efforts of the children of advocates of the Chamber.

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