The Cadet’s Murder Case: “We face a Legal Problem”

Today 4 motions were considered at the court hearing on the killed cadet’s case but the solution of the case was postponed to the next court hearing.

Anahit Hovhannisyan made a motion to implement double forensic examination, asking to appoint forensic examination to determine his client’s Movses Azaryan’s particular individual psychological characteristics and his psychological description.

The second motion of Mrs. Hovhannisyan was to summon to court and questioned several witnesses. The court postponed the hearing of both petitions.

Then again, the lawyers raised question to invalidate the medical examination appointed and examined in court.

Notably, the previous session examined the motion of expertise of the victim’s representative, which were familiarized with the criminal case and came to court the experts Elda Abrahamyan an Mariam Mehrabyan.

They also mentioned that the letter found in the pocket of the jacet of the killed a cadet Haykaz Barseghyan showed that it was not written by the victim. The note read, “No one is to blame, I’m just tired of the fuss, sorry.”

“We face a legal problem. It is true, the court’s position is that, maybe it is not about the evaluation of the evidence provided by persons with chronic psychological problems, and then logically it should be reviewed by an expert psychologist. While the legislature has noted a clear imperative that the clarification of this question is solely a problem to be solved and clarified by the expert. In order to come out of this deadlock it is necessary to recognize the inadmissibility of this conclusion, and then assign a new medical forensic expertise,” Armen Nadiryan, the lawyer of one of the defendants said.

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