Seminars for Advocates

 “In many cases we cheat ourselves. We say the state has changes, now government is addressing corruption. It’s not a change but a preparation for international check-up which is coming up soon. It’s monitoring time,” – Anna Margaryan, candidate for law doctorate says.

National AACs Network and Armenian Chamber of Advocates organized a four-day seminar-training for advocates of the “National AACs Network Development” project.

Trainer Anna Margaryan believes Armenia is moving very slowly in its fight against corruption. “One thing is implemented change, but another thing is its perception. If we look at citizens, they are in no position to appreciate the change. But of course positive changes have taken place.”

“National AACs Network Development” project human resources rep Karen Kocharyan finds the training useful: “In frames of the training we discussed Armenia’s commitments against corruption in regards to international conventions. The trainer has informed participants of all nuances of the country’s commitments which we are planning to make use of.”

In response to’s question on what will the new point on “illegal enrichment” in the amended Criminal Code give Armenia, Anna Margaryan said: “Armenia has a reservation in its commitment to international “Convention on criminal law on corruption”. Our country did not commit to adopt clause against illegal enrichment. It’s not only Armenia’s issue, but many others’ who had not adopted acts against illegal enrichment. In addition, it’s not only about definition, but also implementation. What’s the point to adopting an act, when we have no idea about mechanisms for its implementation.”

P.S. Law on “Advocacy” article 45.12, point 2 obliges advocates to undergo a special training by chamber of advocates. This can be no less than 48 hours within two years.

 Nune Hovsepyan



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