Corruptionist – the Enemy of State: Viktor Yengibaryan

Viktor Yengibaryan, President of European Movement in Armenia wrote in his Facebook page:

“Some 10-12 years ago we hosted in our house the late Hayko Yannerman, the Head of KFW Bank Caucasus Department. We were discussing different issues and among them spoke about economic issues as well. Not being an economist I wanted to get answers to many questions. Specifically, “Why the “transnational corporations” do make large investments in Armenia?” Whether these companies lack confidence in the security of our country, and therefore were not confident in the security of their Investments. I brought an example of Hilton hotel and now when I pass by this hotel, it seems to me that the time has come when our country can be considered safe for international investments. Indeed, international investments should not be viewed only as an economic dimension. Today, we have peace in Artsakh also due to the fact that oil pipes run through the surrounding areas. Of course, such large investment programs are needed both in Armenia and in Artsakh. In addition, it is a matter of serious national security. I view the last presidential “investment” recommendations, just in this context. The appointment of a new deputy foreign minister and newly appointed director of the National Security Service with a special emphasis on “anti-corruption” function.

Yes, the investor should be treated as a military and the corruptionist should be treated as an enemy of the state.”

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