What Steps will Zaruhi Postanjyan take if she becomes Human Rights Defender?

The first thing that Zaruhi Postanjan will do in case if she becomes the Human Rights Defender is defending the rights of the people imprisoned because of the political views. ”People should not be imprisoned for political views, they are kept there illegally, if we do not have freedom of speech, we cannot have free people and country- emphasized our interlocutor.

Besides this, the problems of soldiers are also vital for her. Mrs. Postanjan is not afraid of political pressures as she has always faced them during her career. Prior to getting involved in politics I was a lawyer and underwent political pressures, and also illegal criminal persecution as they wanted to withdraw me from the proceeding so that I cannot to fulfill my professional duties, still one should resist and to be able to win in future’’- Mrs. Postanjyan said.

She is also sure that Arman Tatoyan candidate of the Republican Party of Armenia does not meet the requirements and the selection process of HRD is carried out illegally.

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