The Decision of the Court of Appeal on the Murder case of the Grandmother is known

As we reported earlier, 24-year-old Albert Momjyan was accused for brutally killing of his 68-year-old grandmother Silva Galstyan, who was the owner of “Ozhit” (Dawny) store network, The First Instance Court sentenced him to 21 years imprisonment.

However the defendant’s lawyer Gurgen Martirosyan filed a complaint with the Court of Appeal with solicitation to overturn and change of the First Instance Court and qualify his action as causing death by negligence and call him to liability under the provision of Article 109, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code.

In the interview with Gurgen Martirosyan said that on 25 January, the Court of Appeal had declined the complaint and upheld the verdict of the First Instance Court. To our question whether they are going to apply to the Court of Cassation, the advocate said that they had not decided yet. However, the practice shows that one should not have high hopes.

According to the indictment, Albert Momjyan, temporarily living in the apartment of his grandmother, having a common criminal intent, continuously in the period of 1 – 15 September 2014, stole his grandmothers’ golden jewelry worth 2,963,000 AMD.

Further, having the aim to conceal; his crime, he applied violence dangerous for life pressing his grandmother’s neck and hit her thus deliberately and illegally deprived of life. After that at night he took the woman’s body by car to the the area adjacent to the road leading from Garni village of Kotayk marz to Artashat region and burnt.

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