Property and Income of the HRD Candidate Arman Tatoyan

Arman Tatoyan, the RA Deputy Minister of Justice, who is one of the candidates to the position of the RA Ombudsman, has been recommended by the “Republican” (RPA) faction of the National Assembly. He assumed the office in 2013.

The fund of the high official as of the date of assuming the office totaled to 15.5 million AMD, 5500 USD and 8500 Euros.

We learn from his declaration that he had a vehicle LEXUS RX 330, which he alienated in 2014 for 5.8 million AMD.

Mr. Tatoyan had revenues in EURO as well, which he received as remuneration for labor in 2013 and which totaled to 15 thousand EUROs.

At the beginning of 2014 the funds of the HRD candidate totaled to 15.3 million AMD, 3500 USD and 8500 EUROs. At the end of the year his funds harshly decreased and became 700 thousand AMD, and 4000 EUROs.

In 2014 fiscal year, the official also had different sources of income. He received funds from other civil contracts, which totaled to 2.8 million AMD and 6000 EUROs, as well as remuneration for labor which amounted to 6.5 million AMD and from alienation of the vehicle.

At the end of 2014, Arman Tatoyan’s spouse, Gayane Makaryan declared 3.8 million AMD and 1000 USD, which at the end of the year decreased and totaled to 400 thousand AMD.