The Bribe Case: according to the Judge the Prosecutor has threatened him

Today, on 1 February, the court session on the case of demanding 1500 US dollars on the part of Armine Karapetyan, the assistant of the judge Vladimir Grigoryan, was held in at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Erebuni and Nubarashen Administrative Districts. Two of the witnesses were questioned.

Notably, according to the indictment under the pretext of bribing the judge in order to induce him to appoint non-custodial punishment to the defendant Gagik Yesayan (whose case is considered at the proceedings of the same court), Armine Karapetyan fraudulently demanded 1500 USD from Alina Hovhannisyan, the mother of the accused. However, Alina Hovhannisyan, refused to give any money because of the lack of enough money. Avetis Apyan, the prosecutor of the above mentioned case, had filed a motion to the court to appoint a fine amounting to 500.000 AMD as a punishment to the defendant Gagik Yesayan. However, the court, under the presiding judge Vladimir Grigoryan, had decided to sentence Yesayan to 2 years of imprisonment. After publishing the verdict Alina Hovhannisyan had shouted “I didn’t give the bribe that is why you imprisoned my son.”

One of the witnesses Grigor Kalashyan who had participated as an advocate of that case, accused the inspector by mentioning that the inspector had told him to find evidence against this or that person. He also added that the judge Vladimir Grigoryan had called him and warned the following: “Grigoyan has told me that there are thousands of bad people who can come and demand money on his behalf and that I shouldn’t make a deal with anyone. He also told me to tell the same thing to Alvina.” As for the bribe connected with the same case the witness didn’t remember anything.

The next witness was the police officer Hovhannes Davtyan, who had come to the court to take the son of the aggrieved to the penitentiary on the case day. He almost didn’t remember anything in relation to the case, thus his pretrial testimony was published. It became clear that on the same day of the passing of the verdict he was in the judge’s room where he met the prosecutor Avetis Apyan. Although Hovhanisyan didn’t pay attention to the conversation between the judge and the prosecutor, the inspector had quoted the judge’s testimony according to which the prosecutor had told Vladimir Grigoryan the following: “Torgomich, you should change your verdict. There is a record on the case.” Notably the prosecutor had filed a motion to appoint a fine but the judge decided to detain the accused for two years.

The defendant, the son of the aggrieved, was not able to testify because of health conditions, thus the court published his pretrial testimony.

The defendant told the inspector that Vladimir Grigoryan’s assistant had met his mother on his case and told her to pay 1500 USD to pass a favorable verdict. “My mother asked her to reach an agreement by paying 1000 USD, but after talking to the judge Armine told her that it was not possible to solve the issue with 1000 USD. My mother told me about the possible way of solving the issue but I told it wasn’t possible give the money,” his testimony read.

During today’s session the pretrial testimonies of other witnesses who were absent in the hearing were also published.


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