The Accused 30-year-old Woman’s Young Son has Serious Problems: A Lenient Sentence is requested

The court trial on the episode of 1 million USD embezzlement from “Armbusinessbank” entered the phase of dispute. The prosecutor issued the indictment, the defense speeches began at this session.

It is due to notice that episode was separated from the gang case and the investigation on this case was continued as an embezzlement of especially large amount using the computer technique. The accused in this case, are Tigran Hovhannisyan, his wife, Edita, Gohar Gabrielyan, Marlen Muradyan, and Vahe Stepanyan.

Edita’s defender Simon Amirkhanyan delivered a defense speech. He said that his client was a 30-year-old woman with higher educated, has a permanent place of residence, good references, and has a young child.

Edith had already been in custody for 2 years and 8 months, and during this period the child was deprived of parental care because the child’s father Tigran Hovhannisyan was in custody and charged in the same case.

During this period the child suffered psychological and developmental problems, and he has a “fear of lose” and is afraid that the grandmother who currently takes care of the child will go away one day and will not return like his mother.

According to the lawyer, his client has some mitigating circumstances: she confessed, repented and supported the disclosure of the crime. Second, she has 4-year-old child in her care, who needs a mother and being away from his mother could worsen his health. Third, she committed the crime under depression, and in the state of fear. Fourth, committed the act under the pressure of her husband’s creditors. (According to the case materials, due to accumulated debts her husband had been threatened by creditors, and they had to move to a rented apartment to avoid the pressure and threats). There are no aggravating circumstances.

The lawyer petitioned the court to impose the sentence under the provision of Article 70 ofd the RA criminal Code appointing conditional release and probation, or under the provisions of Article 62 of the Criminal Code considering circumstances mitigating liability and punishment and that the woman needs moral support and humanitarian assistance.

Notably, the prosecutor had filed a motion to 5 years in jail as punishment.

Lawyers of the other defendants also delivered speeches soliciting to impose mild punishment considering the confession, and circumstances of providing the repentance and testimony, as well as the fact of having persons under their care.

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