Corruption Perception Index 2015 is published: Armenia’s ranking has worsened

Transparency International Anti-Corruption Organization has published the Corruption Perception Index 2015. The index ranks 167 countries on a scale from 100 (very clean) to 0 (highly corrupted).

According to the index Armenia is ranked 95th, last year Armenia was ranked 94th. In 2015 Armenia had scored 35, in 2014: 37, in 2013: 36 and in 2012: 34. According to the index, Armenia’s ranking has worsened and this should be an issue of real concern. The current imperative problem is to make a smooth transition from words to real steps and to increase the involvement of the real actors in fight against corruption aimed to achieve tangible results.


Armenia is in the same row with Mali, Mexico and Philippines.

Russia is more corrupted and is in 119th position with 29 points. Azerbaijan is on the same level. Turkey is the 66th with 42 points in this index.

The highest scores, which indicate the low level of corruption have Denmark (91), Finland (90), Sweden (89) and New Zealand (88), the United States ranks 16th with 76 points.

The three most corrupt countries are Afghanistan (11), North Korea (8) and Somalia (8).