Four Defendants charged with Treason consider themselves Innocent

Today, the Court of general Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork Marsh Administrative Districts of Yerevan, under the presiding Judge Arshak Vardanyan, started the case of the defendants charged with treason Rafik Papoyan, Karine Ghumashyan, Sergey Papoyan and Diana Gorgoyan.

The parties had no motion on the composition of jury, prosecutor as well as the advocates involved in the case.

At today’s court session the accused were identified. Defendant Rafael Papoyan is divorced has two children and a grandchild. Has secondary education. Detention was chosen as a measure of restraint.

SAergey Papoyan is Rafik Papoyan’s son. He is married and has two children, 3 years and 4 months old. Has secondary education. Currently works in a bakery. In 2008-2010 served in one of the military units in Karabakh.

Karine Ghumashyan is divorced as well. She has a son of 10 years. Has vocational education. After school she studied in the theatre studio.

The youngest defendant Diana is 18 years old. She does not work or study anywhere.

All defendants do not admit the acts charged to them and stated at the court that they are not guilty.

Today’s court session also determined the order for examination of evidences. Witnesses will be questioned first, then the documents will be examined and at the end the defendants will be tested for evidence.

The hearing was adjourned and scheduled for February 10.

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