The Murder Case of the Waitress: The Advocate speaks about the Charge and the Investigation of the Evidences

The court session on the case of the murder of the waitress didn’t take place: the prosecutor was absent. The reason was justified as he had been dismissed. The second prosecutor of this case has already been changed. The trial is conducted at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Ajapnyak and Davitashen Administrative Districts.

During the interview conducted with Kromvel Grigoryan, the defense lawyer of the defendant Davit Tamrazyan, by he mentioned that the prosecutor hadn’t even got acquainted with the case materials. “He didn’t file a motion to the court to allocate him some time to study the case materials. He was so ignorant, that he forgot that the evidence he wanted to publicize at the beginning of the hearing had already been publicized. That means the prosecutor had no information of the case materials,” the advocate emphasized.

Turning to the trial the advocate estimates it as positive stating that none of the accumulated evidence is against his client. Instead, there are other evidences in favor of the defendant but they haven’t been put on the basis of the charge.

Notably, according to the indictment, Davit Tamrazyan has been charged with the fact that he, being personally offended with Mariam Hunanyan, who had been in a relationship with him but was broken up with him at that time, and with the intention of depriving her of life, went to the apartment rented by Mariam Hunanyan on 7 May 2013. By telling her that he had a surprise for her he asked the girl to close her eyes, took out the kitchen knife and cut Mariam Hunanyan’s throat, as a result of which the latter died on the spot. In addition to this, in order to hide the traces of the crime he set the apartment on fire causing a damage totaling to 680,437 AMD to the owner of the apartment.


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