The Prosecutor should be questioned as a Witness in the Case on Bribery

4 people, including a prosecutor should be questioned as witnesses in the case of Judges assistant.

On January 13, the trial on this case should have taken place in the Court of First Instance of Erebuni and Nubarashen Communities of Yerevan, but the prosecutor was not present. The trial was decided to postpone, but before it, the advocate of Judge Vladimir Grigoryan’s assistant Armine Karapetyan, filed a motion to bring the witnesses, who persistently do not attend to the court hearing.

The lawyer said that the trial is affected as a result of witnesses’ actions, the representative of the injured party also agreed with him.

The court granted the motion and it was decided to ensure the presence of the four witnesses on this case at the next session.

Note that Armine Karapetyan has been charged for demanding 1500 USD bribe from Garik Yesayan’s mother to appoint a non-custodial penalty for her son, however she did not give her the money because as she did not have such sum.


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