The Case of the Band is at Deadlock

Today’s judicial session of “Band” case was again postponed this time because of the prosecutor’s absence. Arshak Vardanyan, the presiding judge of the case, stated that a letter was sent to the court office saying that the prosecutor apologized for not being able to attend at the session as he was participating in obligatory courses.

It is due to mention that a sanction was applied to the 4 accused people of this case: they were removed from the courtroom for 10 hours. And the accused Rafayel Haroyan and Hayk Kojoyan had instructed their defenders not to be present at the session in case of their absence.

Today, Liparit Simonyan announced that this case is postponed due to prosecutor’s absence and if the examination continued until 18:00 then 5 hours would be expired.

In reply, the court stated that the matter of absence will be investigated in the next session which will be held on December 3.

It is due to mention that the previous 2 sessions were also postponed.

Notice: the person suspected in or accused of an alleged crime is presumed innocent unless proven guilty in the manner of prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code in accordance with the Court’s verdict made it effective.

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