“He said they are familiar with the judge and would do something to help the child”: the Testimony of the Witness on the Case of the Assistant Judge

Today, at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Erebuni and Nubarashen Administrative Districts the trial on the case of the former assistant judge continued. The witnesses were called for the interrogation.

Nona Barseghyan, the friend of the victim Alina Hovhannisyan, told that she was in Alina’s house, when Armine Karapetyan, the assistant judge of Vladimir Grigoryan, called Alina and ordered to go to the court. After returning from the court, Alina Hovhannisyan invited Nona Barseghyan to her house and said that they had demanded 1500 USD for the case of her son Garik. She had replied that she could not afford that money. Alina tried to raise money from her relatives, but with no result.

Then, Nona Barseghyan herself tried to find a solution to help her friend. They were friends with the family of Rafayel Khachatryan, the prosecutor of Erebuni and Nubarashen Administrative Districts. She met him and asked to help them. Rafayel Khachatryan promised to do everything within the law.

Then she met one of her acquaintances, Hovik, who said to be familiar with the judge and that he would help them. Later she heard that he had called the judge. At the meeting Armine told Alina that the judge was angry and ordered to tell them not to call him.

On the judgment day, when under the presiding judge Vladimir Grigoryan Garik was sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment, Alina got out of control and shouted that they sentenced her child because she had not paid the bribe. Then Nona Barseghyan and Alina Hovhannisyan went to the case prosecutor Avetis Apiyan. The witness could not answer why they went to the prosecutor and not to the police or to Rafayel Khachatryan.

The witness said that just on the judgment day she had spoken rudely to Garik’s defender, Grigor Kalashyan: “You have been paid 60 000 AMD for your job and could have said at least 6 words to the judge.” According to the witness, he did not make a proper defense and that they had not chosen him as a defender: he had been sent to them by Armine.

The witness’s interrogation was delayed because another session on this case would take place under the presiding judge Artush Gabrielyan. The next court hearing is scheduled for December 1.


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