The Head of Penitentiary Department received 57 Million AMD worth Property: his Wife recieved 2.2 Million AMD

Last year, in September, Arthur Osikyan was appointed to the position of the Head of Penitentiary department of the RA Ministry of Justice. Before that he was the Deputy Chief of the RA Police.

When he was still the Deputy Chief of the RA Police he received a 57 Million AMD worth flat as a gift.

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This year’s revenues, excluding the mentioned apartment, accumulated from the remuneration for job, a total of over 3 million AMD. At the beginning of the year, he had 33 million AMD and 20 thousand USD, which remained unchanged at the end of the year.

During 2012, his funds increased to 34.5 million AMD and 20 thousand USD at the end of the year. Whereas the revenues did not increase and have amounted to 3 million 147 thousand AMD.

In 2013, Arthur Osikyan’s funds decreased during the year and amounted to 22 million AMD and 18 thousand USD. The revenues had increased by around one million and amounted to 4 million 75 thousand AMD.

In 2014, when assuming the office, A. Osikyan had an apartment, in the residential building, a detached house with its economic constructions built on a land plot and cross-country car Toyota 4 Runner 4.0. He had 20 million AMD and 15 thousand USD. The revenues amounted to 22 million 755 thousand AMD, of which 18 million 680 thousand was a loan. The rest was remuneration for

In fact, the declaration of 2014 shows that he purchased a Toyota vehicle with the borrowing of 18 million 680 thousand AMD.

In 2011, Arthur Osikyan’s wife, Adrineh Soghomonyan had a fairly modest income of 818 thousand AMD as remuneration for labor. At the beginning of the year her funds amounted to 200 thousand AMD, which increased nearly fivefold at the end of the year and amounted to 900 thousand AMD.

During the next year, Mrs. Soghomonyan’s funds continued to rise and amounted to 1.5 million AMD. Income for labor remuneration also increased and became 1 million 137 thousand USD.

In 2013, Adrineh Soghomonyan received as a gift property worth 600 thousand and 1 million 600 thousand AMD. Remuneration for labor amounted to 1 million 433 thousand AMD. During the year her income increased from 1,5 million AMD and totaled to 1,4 million AMD.

In 2014, Mrs. Soghomonyan alienated a flat in the residential building for 43 million 442 thousand AMD. At the end of the year her income amounted to around 45 thousand AMD. 1 million 451 thousand USD was received as remuneration for labor.