Lawyer: Changing the Constitution we are going back to a Zero-Level

Developed countries have a stable legislative field. During the operation of the law, some problems emerge, and in case of slight changes the efficiency of that law increases: lawyer Liparit Simonyan mentioned this in his interview with, speaking about the Referendum on Changes in the Constitution.

“The law must undergo evolution and operate if we want to understand what problems exist. Let me give a simple example: the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia came into force since 1999 and has undergone some evolution during these 16 years. The courts, society and citizens got used to it and in case of some slight changes it operates more efficiently. Now we are changing the Constitution, and thus we are going back to a zero-level at which we will have to start building our lives in accordance with that constitution,”-the lawyer said.

He mentioned in his speech that, besides the global change, while getting acquainted to the Draft Constitution, he had noticed some problematic provisions relates to the human rights protection. And he also does not agree with the state government model established by the Draft.

To recall, in December of this year the Referendum on Changes in the Constitution will be held.

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