It has been revealed who “Jung” is, with whom they attacked the Currency Exchange Office and killed its Officer

Four of the defendants were absent at today’s court case on armed attacks, large scale embezzlement and murder under the band, because the court had imposed a sanction on them for violating the order of the court procedure. Rafayel Haroyan, Tigran Hovhannisyan, Hayk Kojoyan and Karen Vardanyan were removed from the courtroom for 10 hours.

To recall, the discussions at the last sessions generally refer to Karen’s testimony according to which, during the attack on the currency exchange office of the “3rd mas”, he was with a boy with the nickname “Jung” who now undergoes punishment in “Artik” penitentiary for another offence. The defendant’s side argues that around 3 months have passed after this testimony but the accuser’s side does nothing to reveal this person.

Tamara Baghdasaryan, the defender of Karen Vardanyan, announced at the court that she had managed to find out the identity of the «Jung». He is Vahan Kyarami Galstyan, born in 1982, who is now in «Artik» penitentiary. The defender presented documents printed from the «Datalex» Judicial Information System and asked to give one of the copies to the accuser.

As Liana Grigoryan, the defender of Mnatsakan Sargsyan was not present at today’s session; it was delayed after the announcement.

Notice: The person suspected in or accused of an alleged crime is presumed innocent unless proven guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code, in accordance with the Court’s verdict made effective.

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