The Most Severe Punishment for Grandmother’s Murder

In the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork Marash administrative districts the prosecutor of 24-year-old Albert Momjyan’s case, who is accused of murdering his grandmother, issued his address. He mentioned in his speech that he has completely proven that Momjyan is guilty of stealing 3 million drams worth jewelry from his grandmother Silva Galstyan and for killing her brutally. The prosecutor mentioned that the accused Albert’s testimony did not conform to reality. The accused said that he had not killed her intentionally, had hit her, and she had fallen to the ground, hit her head and died. But the expert opinions and the evidence existing in the case deny that hypothesis. Moreover, as the prosecutor mentioned, he had not only killed his grandmother but also “had burnt her body and made a meal of wild animals.”

The prosecutor noted that there are not mitigating and aggravating circumstances in case of the accused, and solicited the court to sentence him to 23 years of imprisonment for the committed actions.

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