About the Revenues of the RA Deputy Finance Ministers Wealthy Spouse, VAZ 2115 Model Car and the Millions

Vakhtang Mirumyan, the RA Deputy Finance Minister has 50 thousand USD and 8,5 million AMD. In addition he is actually a fan of Russian made cars and since 2012 is indicating persistently the VAZ 2115 car in his declaration. This millionaire official has no other vehicles as his declaration indicates.

Mr. Mirumyan gives debts to different people and receives interests thereof. In 2014 such interests totaled to 784 thousand AMD. Income from other civil transactions amounted to 468 thousand AMD.


The deputy minister has one flat and a garage as well.

Lilit Shapaghatyan, the official’s wife is no less rich. At the end of 2012 her financial assets totaled to 21 million AMD. She also had a share of 15 million AMD. The income of the spouse in 2013 totaled to 21 million AMD. As for the USD it was 0 at the beginning of the year, which at the end of the year turned to 30 thousand USD.

In 2013 she also had a share, this time it was 23 million AMD. There is a data that her salary in the tax year was around 2 million AMD.

In 2014, the spouse of this wealthy official surpassed her husband. Her income at the beginning of 2014 was 30 thousand USD, which at the end of the year totaled to 110 thousand USD. Whereas her income in AMD decreased from 30 million AMD to 7 million. However Mrs. Shapaghatyan, having a salary of only two million AMD during the fiscal year, is two times richer than two times richer than her husband, whose salary was 8 million AMD in a year.


In 2014 she also had a share, this time it was 20 million AMD. In addition interests from borrowings in the amount of 929 thousand AMD.