The Prosecutors left the Court Room. The Judge described this as a ‘’Theatrical Performance’’

Today, the session on the case of the former head of the passport department Artyom Sedrakyan and others didn’t take place for the third time in the Court of First Instance of Erebuni and Nubarashen Communities of Yerevan.

The prosecutor Manuchar Martirosyan was engaged in the case as the second accuser. And until now the control over this case was held by the prosecutor Edgar Aramyan.

On the previous assize, A. Sedrakyan’s advocate, Zhanna Kotikyan, filed a motion on recognizing unallowable the evidence on this case, and the prosecutor E. Aramyan said that he would give a written decision. However he did not present his decision in a written form at today’s session.

The new prosecutor M. Martirosyan asked the court to delay the assize and to provide him some time to get acquainted with the materials of the case. The advocates opposed to this. The court rejected the motion on delaying the assize, and this revolted the prosecutors.

The Presiding Judge Vardan Grigorian continued the session and invited the witnesses. But the interrogation did not take place as the prosecutors left the hall considering the decision of the judge as nonsense.

The judge V. Grigoryan called this a ‘’theatrical performance’’ saying that it’s not the first time the assizes had been canceled because of the prosecutors, and added ‘’c’est la vie’’(it is the life).

After the assize A. Sedrakyan’s advocate, Zhana Kostikyan, said in her interview with, that her client had become a victim of false accusations. According to her the witnesses of the prosecution side are frightened as there are many contradictions in their testimonies. “No matter how hard they try to delay the assizes, no matter how much time they demand, they won’t be able to hide the truth.’’

Regarding the revolt of the prosecutors, Zh. Kostikyan said that they will apply to the prosecutor’s office.

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