First the Government Initiative was being boycotted, now they will make Reporsts at the Session of the Anti-Corruption Council

Tomorrow, the first session of the Anti-Corruption Council will be held at RA Government stuff. Mrs. Shushan Doydoyan, the President of “Freedom of Information Centre of Armenia” NGO, and Mr. Boris Navasardyan, the Director of Yerevan Press Club will make reports.

Notably, the two NGOs have refrained from joining the works of the Council.

In April, when the Government announced about the applications for participation in the Council, Shushan Doydoyan told the following: “We, alongside with our partner organization – Armenia Young Lawyers Association, and with CSO Anti-Corruption Coalition, circulated a statement, with our concerns that the complete participation of civil society at the Council is not provided”. She also added that it did not mean that FOICA finds it meaningless to take part in the process. “At least during the forthcoming 2 months we are going to follow the activities of the Council through monitoring observations, and if it really justifies itself as an independent and unbiased institution carrying out anti-corruption fight, I think we will propose our candidacy by all means.”

But as we see, the president of FOICA is going to present a report during the session of the same Council.

In the interview with us, Boris Navasardyan expressed such an opinion: “Such bodies have merely an imitative nature”. Then he added that the best that the Anti-Corruption Council can do, is to provide awareness: “However usually this also does not work either, as long as such bodies are merely of imitative nature. Anyway, it is the only hope”- Boris Navasardyan noted.

Boris Navasardyan’s report will be about the creation of Public Councils adjacent to the ministers.

Boris Navasardyan’s photo from Photolur