NGOs of Lori Represented Corruption Risks of Health and Transportation Sectors

On 24 July in Lori the representation of the activities and intermediate results of CSOs’ anti-corruption coalition’s projects received small grants took place.
Karen Zadoyan, coordinator of the Anti-Corruption Coalition’s secretariat represented the activities of the body and spoke about grant projects.
Artashes Sergoyan, member of “Peace Dialogue” NGO and head of “Public Control as a Tool for Corruption Risks’ Reduction” project spoke about intermediate results and activities carried out within the frames of the project.
A control over transportation sphere of Vanadzor city is fulfiled within the frames of the project. The NGO has found out that transport does now work properly in this city, there are no bus-stops, juridical field is incomplete and a number of corruption risks do exist.
“We expect to change governmental decisions within the frames of the project, that refer to the regulation of city transport, to change contracts signed by the Municipality and itineraries, as a result of which corruption risks will decrease”- said Artashes Sergoyan.
According to him, during the examination of the contracts between the Municipality and organizations serving the itineraries it turned out that there are no mechanisms to compel responsibility: “For instance, organizations serving the itineraries do not carry out their responsibilities, but it is not properly mentioned in the contracts what should be done in that case.”
The next was the representation of “Elimination of Corruption in the Health Sector and promoting the Necessary Steps” Project – ““Selen” Club of Journalists” NGO; Partner “Loru MIG” TV Company.
President of the NGO and Head of the project Narine Khachatryan informed that the aim was to struggle against corruption in the departments of Maternity and Infant department of Vanadzor hospital.
People complain about these departments. We pass sociological and journalistic surveys in these departments, we have made interrogatory cards. Inquiries are made out of the hospital in policlinics, for the situation to become more clear”- said Narine Khachatryan.
After the reports interested discussion took place, in which took part not only representatives of NGOs, but also representatives of official bodies.